About Me

I’m Heidi Eliason, an experienced writer, consultant, and freelance editor with years of experience and an affinity for getting down in the weeds. That means I am detail-oriented and nitpicky. That’s what you need in an editor, someone with a keen eye who will catch those small—and large—errors you might miss. I will give your work a thorough review and suggest corrections and improvements while keeping your voice and ideas intact. Best of all, I’ll do it in a kind and positive manner, because I know what it’s like to pour your heart and soul into writing a book, and how tender we can be about what we create.

I have a variety of writing and editing experience including:

  • Writing, publishing, and marketing a book.
  • Editing multiple books for Authority Publishing, PublishingSMITH, and independent authors.
  • Researching and writing more than 50 articles for a national news source.
  • Producing web pages, blog posts, press releases, newsletters and other marketing materials for multiple companies and websites including HeidiEliason.com.
  • Designing and developing training courses and manuals as an instructional design consultant.
  • Working as a technical writer for a large utility company.
  • Transcribing, drafting, and editing medical records and deposition summaries and court pleadings in medical malpractice and personal injury cases.
  • Editing all of the above work product (I have a copy editing certificate, an instructional design certificate, and a social media marketing certificate).

Comments From Clients

“You were pivotal in extricating me from a hopeless author quagmire to a much better writing effort. You were incredibly helpful. I’m not sure anyone else could have helped me the way you did. I am so grateful. People who read the book later said they thought it was great, compared to early reviewers who struggled to find something kind to say. You have a true talent.”

— Rosanne S. McHenry, author of Trip Tales: From Family Camping to Life as a Ranger

“I really appreciate your help, guidance and expertise to make it even better for readers.”

— Angie McCourt, author of Love Your Gifts: Permission to Revolutionize Authenticity in the Workplace

“Thanks for all your efforts, I appreciate the care and effort that you invested. Everyone likes the modified title, too!”

— Matthew J. Kohn, author of the soon-to-be-published Tested: Adventures of an American Scientist in Pandemic China

“Thank you so much, Heidi! I really appreciate your work.”

— Stephanie Chandler, CEO of Authority Publishing and the Nonfiction Authors Association

“Heidi, thank you for your excellent editing. When the book is complete, I would like to hire you for the final draft.”

— Rhonda Lomeli


  • Editorial Freelancers Association
  • California Writers Club – Mt. Diablo Chapter
  • Nonfiction Authors Association
  • Sisters in Crime